Doodle Jump is a classic arcade game. Ever since its inception on iOS, it has become one of the most popular vertical platform games on mobile devices.

The simplistic, but insanely addictive gameplay of jumping from platform to platform reaching as high as possible was best done in Doodle Jump. Also armed with a cannon, players have to avoid traps, enemies, and holes in the world that will suck them in and end their game.

Visually, Doodle Jump was developed with a hand-drawn style. The characters are very distinct. That style adds a lot of fun to Doodle Jump because the focus is on the gameplay. The added different world skins gives Doodle Jump separate feel.

Doodle Jump uses the accelerometer for control and directional touch-screen for firing. The skill in Doodle Jump is not just in gaining a high score, but also anticipating what next area the game will introduce.

Featuring an almost perfect difficulty, Doodle Jump never feels like it is cheating and the mistake is not properly gaging distance. Doodle Jump should be one of the first games for new phone owners. It introduces the first possibilities of motion control and couples it with an amazing gaming experience.

Doodle Jump should be one of the first things you install on an Android device. It is a classic worth experiencing.

Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump for Android 2.1.0

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