FireNes 1.3

Play more than 2,500 Nintendo games in Firefox


  • Impressive collection of games
  • Very light on resources
  • Doesn't require you to install any third-party app


  • Some games are still a bit buggy

Very good

If you miss those good ol' arcade titles you used to play in your Nintendo Entertainment System, whine no more: NES is back on your favorite web browser!

FireNes is a Firefox add-on that lets you play more than 2,500 NES titles of all times, covering all sorts of interests and styles. Games appear listed in alphabetic order on a sidebar to the left of your screen (if you don't see it, open it with Tools > FireNes), from which this list you can choose the one you want to play and run it with a double click.

The sidebar also includes two other tabs (Top and Favorites) to manage games in a different way. It would have been great to have some kind of search tool to quickly locate certain games though.

When launched, games appear on a small-sized window that runs independently from Firefox. Controls are limited to arrow keys, Enter, Ctrl, Z and X, though sometimes the game does take a while to react to them.

Also, I noticed that some games are a bit buggy, but you can always let the author know by filling in a small form. In any case, FireNes features such a huge collection of games that you'll surely find that one title you were hooked on a few years ago.

With FireNes you can use Firefox for more than browsing webpages: play more than 2,5000 NES games and remember gaming prehistory!

FireNes allows us to play around 2500 Nintendo games, without the need to download anything or emulator or roms. FireNes is based on the Vnes emulator and still needs some fine-tuning, but you can help improve its functionality by using the "Notify" form embedded in each game.



FireNes 1.3

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