Ninja Pendisk

Ninja Pendisk 1.5

Protect your USB memory sticks from viruses


  • No installation required
  • Protects both computer and USB device


  • User interface could be improved
  • Lacks a proper configuration window


USB memory sticks come in really handy when you need to move files from one computer to another or share data with someone else. However, this versatility can also turn into a source of viruses for your system.

With Ninja Pendisk you won't have anything to be afraid of. This security tool works as a kind-of shield for your USB device, protecting it from common malicious files that can be hidden in the USB. It's by no means a complete anti-virus solution, but rather a disinfecting tool for known malware.

Ninja Pendisk doesn't require installation. Simply launch it and it'll sit unobtrusively on the system tray, waiting for you to connect your USB device. The moment you do it, the program will scan it for malicious content and erase it if necessary. Ninja Pendisk can also immunize your USB memory stick against future potential risks.

The idea of having a security layer for your USB device is very good, especially if you use it on public computers. However, Ninja Pendisk lacks a more intuitive user interface and could also do with a proper configuration window, rather than just a plain text file.

Ninja Pendisk can protect your USB memory stick from malicious files that can harm your system if you use it on different computers.

Ninja Pendisk


Ninja Pendisk 1.5

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